Case Study

MTA-NYCT Staten Island North Shore Bus Rapid Transit Project



Working together to consider the best routes and improvements for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Bergen County, New Jersey, the Bergen County Department of Planning & Economic Development and NEW JERSEY TRANSIT (NJ TRANSIT) formed a partnership to work together to spearhead the Bergen County Bus Rapid Transit Implementation Study. BRT consists of a range of potential improvements designed to increase the speed, reliability, and attractiveness of bus service to enhance the travel experience for existing users and attract new users.

InGroup provided public outreach support as a subcontractor. Services included public involvement plan (PIP) development; media, stakeholder, and government relations; public meeting coordination and logistics; design, writing, and production of informational materials; and maintenance of the project database. Cultural proficiency strategies were incorporated into the PIP to effectively inform and engage local Spanish and Korean communities.

  • Public Outreach Plan Development
  • Committee and Agency Coordination
  • Communications Program Development
  • Meeting and Public Hearing Planning
  • Outreach Documentation and Reporting

At a Public Advisory Committee Meeting Organized by InGroup Members Identified Issues for The Project Team to Consider.