Outreach Communications

Public Outreach & Engagement Communications

InGroup monitors the pulse of the public.  Today, significant controversies can ignite instantaneously – and practically nobody realizes your positive intentions.  More than ever, agencies and non-profits rise or fall based on the effectiveness of their outreach and stakeholder communications.  At InGroup, these are our core competencies.  Since 1995, we have helped leading organizations successfully build and sustain public support.  We leverage technology and relationships to connect and engage with customers and communities through proactive communications.  From transportation and engineering to healthcare, we know whom you need to reach.  We also know the best and most cost-effective ways to reach them.

And we know how to:

  • Capture public feedback in real-time that’s relevant, complete, and useful
  • Build consensus and support for new programs by educating the public on your mission’s value
  • Meet government-mandated outreach requirements, such as Environmental Impact Statements
  • Plan and coordinate everything from public meetings to websites
  • Manage and analyze public input
  • Strengthen relationships with all your key stakeholders — from local officials to influential media and citizens