To Build Brands and Business

InGroup understands how marketing can take your initiatives to the next level.  We combine a deep understanding of integrated marketing and communications options with extensive experience in problem-solving.  Our wide-ranging background in key industries and market segments translates into business benefits for you.  It means we will make the most of every minute when we work on your assignments, allowing you the flexibility to focus on other segments of your business.

Ensure your customers and prospects understand why they need to do business with you – now!  At InGroup, we make it simple: for them and for you.  We help you accomplish what you want to do with timely, efficient solutions that work together (online and off).  Our methodology drives more value from what you have already done, so you become more self-sufficient…  and, above all, get results!

Whether you want a brochure or a new brand identity, a complete marketing plan, or just some good strategic advice, we are at your service whenever you need us for:

  • Sensible marketing strategies and plans
  • Logo and brand identity services that capture your uniqueness
  • Brochures and product/service sheets that accelerate your sales cycle and support your sales efforts
  • Marketing management services that free you up to refocus on other priorities