A Quarter Century of Experience Helping the Region Move

InGroup understands the importance of moving people and goods throughout the region more efficiently.  We have the advantage and flexibility of supporting any government agency as either the prime contractor or subcontractor.  Additionally, our firm boasts deep experience at supporting task order work on varying levels.  We are qualified and certified to support feasibility studies, environmental reviews, and various phases of design/build/construction projects in the region.  They include Heavy and Light Rail, Bus/Bus Rapid Transit, Ferry services, vehicular traffic using bridges and tunnels, as well as aviation infrastructure.

Our efforts include strategic communications and inclusive plans for community outreach on new transportation projects.  We help convey the project’s benefits, detail mitigation efforts, and offer ways for local officials and residents to learn more and provide input.

We take the lead in preparing and holding mandated public meetings and hearings, such as federal environmental scoping sessions to inform and engage elected leaders and residents.  And we assist in educating communities on potential economic opportunities for their residents and local businesses.


We specifically strive to:

  • Inform the public and area representatives about new projects
  • Assist public transportation agencies with the support of technical analysis needed to meet obligations and required engagement with key stakeholders
  • Engage public officials and residents in the process, while creating a proper public record and databases of information to meet governmental reporting requirements for all projects
  • Help provide local businesses, including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and Women Business Enterprises (WBEs), with information on project opportunities, assistance with paperwork and ways to meet requirements
  • Stakeholder coordination and committee management
  • Training and meeting facilitation
  • Records management
  • Marketing and project branding; public relations; and digital communications

Giving Flight to Terminal and Related Airport Initiatives and Communications

InGroup’s quarter-century of transportation know-how includes airport experience, with communications, reporting and outreach work on Newark Liberty International Airport’s nearly $3 billion modernization.  We are qualified and certified to support airport feasibility studies, environmental reviews, and design/build/construction phases in expansion projects.

With on-the-ground and institutional experience in the airport/aviation field, InGroup can deliver immediate benefits with our specialized knowledge and contacts that focus on marketing and public relations to enhance outreach and engagement.

We have used our skills to help regional airport redevelopment efforts:

  • Provide consultant onsite staffing for outreach and reporting
  • Manage website and communications; develop graphics and public information material
  • Support DBE and MBE efforts
  • Develop public information and a strategic communications plan
  • Produce executive reports on construction and redevelopment efforts