Helping Communicate the Vital Need for 21st Century Infrastructure, While Explaining the Needs and Ways to Rebuild in Constrained Settings

InGroup knows infrastructure investment is the key to sustained growth.  From building the transcontinental railroad in the 1860s to the creation of an interstate highway system in the 1950s to rebuilding America’s airports in the 2020s, infrastructure investment has powered generations of American economic might.  InGroup has a special affinity for communicating the New York/New Jersey metropolitan region’s needs for continued infrastructure investment to move growing numbers of people and goods more efficiently and safely than before.

We understand it is the basis of continued economic growth for the region and nation and we have worked with numerous partners to convey this message throughout our 25-year history as a communications and marketing firm.

Redeveloping and rebuilding aging facilities in the densely populated and largely built-out New York/New Jersey metropolitan region presents special challenges that InGroup tackles through an array of innovative communications and marketing strategies.  Our trans-Hudson rail tunnel used by NJ Transit and Amtrak trains is more than 100 years old and its two-track system limits rush-hour capacity.  Our airports have constrained footprints and expanding often requires tearing down and creative use of limited space.  And our roadway spans need rehabilitation or replacement, with the need to minimize congestion and delays during construction.

InGroup assists public and private entities with communicating the essential need to replace outmoded facilities to help our region maintain its economic prowess, while ensuring the public knows adverse impacts and environmental risks are being minimized and mitigated.  This, of course, is best done through stellar communications that not only inform, but also engage elected officials and residents in impacted areas.

We specialize in:

  • Helping public and private entities make their case for infrastructure investment with elected officials and the public by coordinating community outreach efforts to inform and engage those impacted by specific projects
  • Community outreach, stakeholder forums and DBE / MWBE initiatives
  • Targeting our talented team members to communicate the benefits of each project through mainstream media (print and electronic), website and social media (digital) and community education and outreach
  • Assist our partners so that they meet their own “spirit of the law’’ and “letter of the law’’ guidelines by following protocols to safeguard communities through transparency and communication where projects are located
  • Supporting feasibility studies, environmental review, and design-build-construction project phases throughout the region
  • Preparation for required public meetings and efforts to ensure compliance with applicable environmental regulations
  • Development of project websites, fact sheets, social media strategies and brochures to highlight the project’s benefits and mitigation efforts
  • Market research, surveys, and polls
  • Marketing and project branding; public relations; and digital communications