Helping Public Agencies Meet Their Public Responsibilities

InGroup knows the value of public and private partnering first-hand.  We have a long history of working with governmental agencies, assisting them with their obligations to inform and engage the public on new projects.  We have partnered with some of the region’s largest public entities, including the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), NJ Transit and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), on a wide range of projects.

Teaming with government entities to help them provide information, build public trust, and hold required meetings ranks among InGroup’s most important roles.  Working closely with impacted communities is the best way to expand capacity to move people and goods to meet growing regional needs more efficiently.

InGroup knows how to do this while keeping meticulous check-lists to ensure no key items are missed during long project timeframes.  We help agencies let communities know what is being built, what the benefits are and how adverse impacts will be mitigated – both during construction and when the project is operational.  We also ensure communities are fully apprised of economic opportunities for local businesses and residents throughout the process.

Our roles include development of communications strategies with internal and external project stakeholders, as well as:

  • Outreach on behalf of public agencies to communities impacted by public projects, in coordination with an agency’s government and community relations’ teams
  • Strategic communications with all key stakeholders, including specialized outreach to limited English proficiency and other underserved communities
  • Preparations for community meetings necessary for public agencies to meet mandated environmental impact requirements
  • Assistance with website messaging, social media and fact sheets to keep communities apprised of key milestones in a project’s development and implementation
  • Marketing and project branding; public relations; and digital communications