Case Study:

PANYNJ / FHWA Cross Harbor Freight Program



The Cross Harbor Freight Program (CHFP) seeks to improve the movement of freight from west-of-Hudson and east-of-Hudson areas, thereby reducing truck traffic, lessening air pollution, and providing other environmental and economic benefits to the region. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) prepared a NEPA-compliant Tier I Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to evaluate alternatives to enhance the movement of freight across New York Harbor. The Tier I EIS received a Record of Decision on January 22, 2016. PANYNJ and FHWA are now preparing a Tier II EIS.

  • Stakeholder and Government Relations
  • Outreach Communications
  • Database and Comment Log Management
  • Public Involvement Plan Development
  • Agency Coordination
  • Public Scoping Planning and Support
  • Public Hearing Planning and Support
  • Collateral Design and Production
  • Limited English Proficiency Strategy

InGroup Developed Public Information Materials in English, Yiddish, Spanish and Chinese to Communicate the Environmental Review Process to Stakeholders